Inside the kitchen with Chef Amit Puri

Chef Amit Puri

Cook with Love

Mumbai born and bred, Chef Amit Puri, a renowned F&B consultant and Cookbook author, has always believed that “A great dish lies in its honesty and genuineness.” Whether a person is a great cook or not, if he puts his heart and soul into the dish, it will automatically reflect in his cooking. As a chef, he has always respected the produce, and believes that it is the little things that come together to create a magical experience. These little things or ingredients are what must be treated with utmost respect and holds major value in his life.

In his cookbook, Redefining Comfort Food with Amit Puri, he showcases his style of cooking which is artistic, modern, contemporary, fusion based and is extremely flavor driven. He stands by his unconventional yet balanced style of cooking and firmly believes in staying up to date with the latest trends and modifying his cooking as he goes.

Where he’s bean all his life?

He began his career at The Taj Hotels in Colaba, one of the most renowned names to be associated with. Shuffling from one kitchen to another, he sought inspiration from the numerous culinary stalwarts around him in search of good recipes and ever lasting flavors.

Living over 20 years in this industry, he has worked in capacities both big and small which helped him to gain vast insights and improve his technique as the years went by. Witnessing techniques both old and new, he has developed his own versatile style of cooking using traditional recipes as guidelines and adding his own unique twist to it. That is what ‘Defines him as a cook’, he says. By merging cuisines, he has developed the ability to create everlasting flavors and thereby create unforgettable memories.

All this has led him to his association with numerous award winning brands, both national and international.

Chef Amit Puri
Chef Amit Puri

Raisin the roof

Chef Amit Puri believes that he has one vision in life, and that is to create long lingering flavors. He wants to ensure that every time someone eats a meal, they are left with a new dining experience and a new desire. He has confidence in the future and ensures that he constantly raises the bar for himself. Apart from providing experiences himself, he strives to help others too, to spread the word, create memorable dishes and ultimately make the world a happy, well fed place to live in.